About Me

I've been passionate about 3D since a very young age. I'm very happy to be working in the animation industry, specially in rigging. I like to be involved in the production that I'm working at the moment, hearing feedback from my supervisors (best and fastest way to learn) and always communicating with other departments which might depend on my work or with those who's work come before rigging. Before entering the animation industry, I was studying computer science where I learned how to code, a skill much used in my everyday work. Being technical-oriented allows me to have an overall understanding of many steps in the pipeline, which then leads me to try to help anyone when possible. I believe best productions are those were communication and collaboration between departments are present every day .

When I'm not rigging, you can find me going up to the mountain to ride my snowboard, or swimming in a lake during the summer months.  Building Lego sets and solving twisty puzzles (like the Rubik's cube) are other ways I found to entertain myself. Recently I've been doing some home brewed hard cider, which is turning into a very enjoyable hobby.